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Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective.  Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success.  The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.  http://www.powertradingradio.com

Dailyfx.com currency strategist, Ilya Spivak joins Merlin for a look at what’s moving the global currency markets, and where they may be headed. The duo takes a look at the Fed, Euro, Dollar, Oil and much more.

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Dollar and equity markets rally with little in the way to stop them! Master trader Scott McCormick joins Merlin for a look at many macro factors which may continue to boost the markets going forward, yet hinder commodities. The duo analyze several currency pairs and the US Dollar, as well as several listener requested stocks.

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Political Economy editor at Forbes, John Tamny joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at how the government is slowing Economic Growth, and wasting our money. The trio discuss government spending, the dollar and the healthy justification for recessions.

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The Federal Reserve is on the verge of raising rates for the first time in 9 years! What will the impacts be, and how can you position your portfolio to reap the biggest rewards? Tune in to find out how long term investors should embrace these upcoming market changes. Darek and Merlin also look at listener questions regarding gap protection and employee sponsored 401k programs.

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Prof. Walter Block joins Merlin and John for a look at a flawed way of thinking has guided our country down the wrong path! The trio discuss Austrian & Keynsian economics and the impacts they are having on our lives. They also talk about Prof. Block’s book “Defending the Undefendable”.

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Merlin and Scott scour the markets for trading opportunities which are abundant given the recent fed meeting! The duo takes a look at the essence of the feds actions as well as how it has impacted the US Dollar and the global commodity markets.

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Alone in studio, Merlin answers  as many listener questions as he can! This show features lots of chart analysis and current market commentary, and insights into the way the financial markets really work. Tune in and see what stocks listeners want to talk about!

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Merlin breaks down the major events of the week and adds color commentary to our current market situation. He also takes a look at the European markets for trading opportunities as the dollar continues to rally, providing great international plays.

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While Power Trading Radio generally focuses on trading of the major markets, financial intelligence stretches much broader across our lives. Trader and Author, Debbie Hague joins Merlin to help listeners understand the impact of financial decisions on their lives. Most learn about financial matters from those who stand to profit the most from you buying what they sell. Things like Annuities, 401k’s, Cars, student loans etc. With a little understanding of how it all fits together, the average person can make these important decisions by themselves, saving huge amounts of money!

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Wednesday started off looking like a typical down day, nice gap down, nice trend down.. then the 5’3” sorceress of the markets, Janet Yellen decided to remove the word “Patience” from her comments and the markets went NUTS! Tillie and Merlin take a look at how this impacts the markets going forward, including bonds, equity markets, currencies and more.

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