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Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective.  Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success.  The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.  http://www.powertradingradio.com

The issues with Greece escalated over the weekend sending shockwaves through the financial markets. Scott McCormick joins Merlin to add his perspective of the issues, but not from your traditional angle. He focuses on the levels in the market and price charts rather than the news itself. Scott and Merlin look at many charts to gain clarity as to where things may go from here.

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Eooa joins John and Merlin for the weekend edition and National “Bring your dog to work day”! John introduces listeners to an interesting new concept of gold back currencies through a company called BitGold in Toronto. The trio discuss how these new investments/currencies might impact our markets and create trading opportunities for investors. Bear market talk also circles around the Chinese stock exchanges which are down nearly 20% this year!

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Merlin welcomes Tillie Allison to the studio for a show focused on the impacts of fees and time on rates of return. She clearly shows listeners how a simple 2% fee can reduce your rate of return by 50% or more depending on how long you are invested. The duo also takes several listener questions focused on market timing and rates of return.

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Larry Jacobson, Trader, Author and instructor at Online Trading Academy, joins Merlin to discuss the resources available to traders to help support them. Many traders feel isolated and suffer significant losses because they do not know how to fix their mistakes. Larry outlines some new initiatives designed at helping all Online Trading Academy students build a trading community to help improve odds of success.

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As talks and deadlines head up for Greece, uncertainty and hope prevail in the markets. Tim Pesut joins Merlin to offer his perspectives on the situation. Does this mean Greece getting the boot? Going back to the Drachma? Or more of the same old news of nothing changing? Tim offers his thoughts on that as well as the Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro and much more!

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Having worked with major firms and exchanges around the world, Tom Joyce has a tremendous amount of experience at all levels of Finance! He shares some of these experiences with Merlin to kick off the trading week on Power Trading Radio. Tom also shares some of his trading philosophy  and market approach to the equity markets. This deals a lot with multiple time frame analysis and risk management.

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A decent down day on Friday couldn’t derail the strong weekly results for the markets! John O’Donnell joins Merlin for a look at interest rates, the Fed, inflation, gold and other factors influencing current market dynamics.

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Merlin welcomes Online Trading Academy instructor Vishal Subandh to the show for an update on what is happening in the Indian Markets. Vishal shares with viewers several trade setups for the Nifty, Bank Nifty and the USDINR. The topic also looks at other strong & weak sectors in India as well as a great look at market correlation.

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With the new comments made by the Federal Reserve today, nothing has changed! Trading activity for most indexes continues to be choppy and sideways, making it difficult for trend traders to make a profit. 25 year floor trader veteran Bill Henner joins Merlin for look at how he is adapting to these market conditions, and what tips he has for traders who are frustrated right now. Bill and Merlin look at several charts including the S&P 500, gold, the British pound, the US dollar and much more.
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Merlin welcomes Irish trader Steven Hanahoe to Power Trading Radio for a look at global currency markets. Steven begins by walking listeners through his trading evolution, preferences and trading style. Then the duo answer many listener questions about currency pairs, offering extensive analysis of levels and direction.

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