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Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective.  Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success.  The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.  http://www.powertradingradio.com

Having spent many months traveling the world teaching people about Market Timing principles, Jeff Manson stops by the studio to talk about what he has learned. The duo starts off with a look at global exchanges similarities and differences and how the differ. Jeff points out that there is one overwhelming problem that he observes regularly which leads to trading failure. Jeff also offers his insights into our current market situation.

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Chairman of Sprott US holdings joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the booming natural resources market here in the US, and how it plays into the global events. Mr. Rule lays out may factors which support continuation of strength here in the states, not only for oil, but natural gas as well. Then focus turns to Gold and its current fall from grace!


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Market Veteran Scott McCormick joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the markets from a sector strength perspective. The duo look at several comparison charts which illustrate how sector rotation may be giving us clues as to internal strength and weakness. Scott also addresses the BECK report and how it influences his trading & investment decisions. Market filters are also discussed.

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John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld are Joined by Dr. Richard Ebeling who takes a look at the current economic situation and its bubble like appearance. The trio take a look at several factors contributing to the problem, as well as several solutions.

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A new film called Broken Eggs, paints a very grim outlook for the vast majority of Americans. Bestselling author, trader, teacher; Larry Jacobson joins Merlin to confirm what the film portrays, but reassures listeners that achieving retirement with ample money is a very attainable goal. Larry and Merlin talk about some of the key items needed to increase rates of return, and how the average person can do better than their broker with a little education on strategy & markets.

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With a guest vacancy today, Merlin takes the time to answer many listener questions with topics ranging from the new Alibaba IPO to How to eliminate gap risks in stocks, Diversification to modification of trading platforms and price charts.

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With nearly every university teaching the Keynesian approach to the markets, it has Merlin and John wondering if any manor university is teaching the Austrian approach! Dr. Randall Holcombe of Florida State University joins the show to talk about his new book, Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics, which he is using in his classes. Dr. Holcombe talks  about the significant differentiators between Keynesian and Austrian economics.

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Intrigued by the electronic evolution of the stock exchanges, Scot Stoked immersed himself in trading back in the mid 90’s. He learned the hard way that the markets are unforgiving to those who don’t understand how they work! He went to teach trading and this improved his trading, and ultimately allowing him to trade for a living. Scot talks about some his major learning obstacles as well as some trade analysis he performed in his class today.

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Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, Yaron Brook joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at Objectivism and how its principles allow everyone to have the happiest and successful life possible. The trio take a look at what the major obstacles are to happiness in the world, and how big government and education have been at the forefront of the problem.

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Taking a week off from teaching to focus on his trading, master trader Steve Bobbitt, joins Merlin for a look at the global picture and its market impacts. This show takes a look at the impacts of Scotland becoming its own country, Wars and conflict, Oil and crude prices and the Euro and its steep drop. Merlin and Steve analyze many charts and offer opinions on listener trade questions.

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