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Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective.  Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success.  The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.  http://www.powertradingradio.com

The “Ambassador of Opportunity” joins Merlin to help break down the terrible start to 2014. The duo take a look at the growing problems in Europe, the glimmer of hope for gold, The gibberish being spewed by the Fed, and much more!

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Former CME floor trader Bob Dunn joins Merlin for a show revolving around trading Currencies through the futures market. Bob stresses the difference between the terms “Currencies and Forex”, citing significant differences. Bob also shares with listeners some stories from the trading floor days.

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The inner workings of the markets mystify many, but not Jasmine Wang. Jasmine and her team pick key Supply and Demand zones every day on 20+ trading instruments, and even rate those zones. Many hit spot on and turn in the opposite direction. Jasmine shares with us some of the recent trades which have happened this week, as well as her thoughts on crude oil and other instruments.

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The Euro showed a little strength, while the dollar took a breather! Reggie Ringgold joins Power Trading Radio to offer his thoughts on the trend for both of these currencies and much more. The duo take a look at  how the recent Greek elections may impact the Euro going forward and possibly global currencies.

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Long time trader and instructor at Online Trading Academy joins Merlin for a look at the European situation and much more! Mike and Merlin discuss the Greek problems, and recent ECB action and how that might impact the Euro and other global currencies. The duo also take a look at the US markets which Mike feels are doing very good right now and will continue to vault upward!

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Environmentalism takes center stage to start the show! John O’Donnell, Merlin Rothfeld and Dr. George Reisman take a look at an article by Dr. Reisman titled “The Toxicity of Environmentalism”, and how industry in the US has paid the price due to environmentalists. John and Merlin also discuss the Euro and the impact on the US Dolalr.

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Master trader and instructor, Jose Blasco joins Merlin for a look at the big ECB announcement today and helps listeners understand how he approaches currency hedging. He also talks about his use of options and the various techniques used in the ProActive Investor program at Online Trading Academy. The duo take a look at some very key levels quickly approaching on the Euro and the US Dollar.

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Live from Irvine California, Merlin sits down with Joel Greenberg to talk about the multidimensional aspects of trading options. From long term wealth creation to short term profit machines, Options can do it all. Joel talks to Merlin about why he loves trading extremely high volatility stocks just before earnings using his own unique strategy. Joel also takes a look at the “Greeks” and how they impact his trading.

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Alone in studio, Merlin looks to answer several listener questions covering a wide variety of currencies and commodities. Merlin focuses on the Euro, and offers some insights as to what to expect from the ECB press conference on Thursday. He also looks at gold and the potential to jump on the momentum.

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Roger and Merlin’s friendship dates back to 1998 when they both traded on the floor at Block trading in Irvine California. The duo talks about the old days from the trading floor and things they learned along the way. They then turn to the evolution of Online Trading Academy’s course content and how it has drastically improved over the years.

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